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Dentures - Complete & Partials
Stuart, FL

The term denture is used to describe a removable appliance that is used to replace missing teeth and the surrounding tissue. There are two kinds of dentures options available at our office. These are complete dentures and partials dentures.

Now, complete dentures are used when all the teeth are missing whereas a partial will be used when only a few teeth are missing, and there are natural teeth remaining. Here at Colin M. McKinney, DMD, we can help you learn more about dentures and find the right appliance option for your individual needs.

Complete Dentures

When you are missing all of your teeth, then complete dentures will be needed. A full set of teeth will allow you to have a natural looking smile as well as be able to eat and speak normally. In most cases, the few natural teeth that remain may be pulled to make way for the denture appliance. Once teeth have been removed, a conventional denture can be placed in your mouth and offer you a reconstructed smile.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is an appliance that is taking the place of only a few missing teeth. The partial will consist of a plastic base that will be pink in color or match closely to your gum color. The partial may be connected to a metal framework that will hold the appliance in the mouth. The partial can contain one or more teeth and will adhere to the gums. The appliance will fill in the missing spaces within the mouth and will keep your teeth from changing position. A partial can be removed and cleaned.

How Are Dentures Made?

It can take several weeks and many appointments for dentures to be developed. Once your teeth have been reviewed and all options considered, the dentist will determine whether partial or full dentures will work best. Impressions of your jaw will need to be taken along with measurements of the space between the jaw among other areas.

Models will need to be made in the shape of the denture needed. The model will be tried several times for the dentist to be sure that the new appliance will fit properly. Color, shape, and fit will be reviewed many times before the final denture will be cast in the mold.

The final denture will be cast and set, then adjustments made as needed. If you begin to wear the appliance and it feels uncomfortable, we will work to adjust it for you. The first few weeks of wearing new dentures will seem odd to you. The muscles of your cheeks and tongue will have to learn how to keep the dentures in place, and you will need to become more comfortable with inserting the appliance and removing it.

Eating can be a little difficult at first and may feel uncomfortable. To get used to the new dentures, cut your food into small pieces. Use soft foods and chew slowly. As you get used to the dentures, you can then begin to add in more food choices.

For more information on dentures, including full and partials, call the experienced professionals here at Colin M. McKinney, DMD at (772) 266-2223 today!
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Here at Colin M. McKinney, DMD, we can help you learn more about dentures and find the right appliance option for your individual needs. Click here to learn more!
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