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Dental Implant Placement
Stuart, FL

Image of a dental implant being assembled at Colin M. McKinney, DMD in Stuart, FL. A dental implant procedure involves surgically placing metal with screw-like artificial roots to replace missing teeth. A thorough diagnosis is necessary to ensure the successful placement of the artificial tooth. When you visit Colin M. McKinney, DMD, we will first evaluate your oral health and the jawbone before recommending dental implants.

Why Opt for Dental Implants?

Implants are dental prosthetics designed to replace missing teeth. They can be an ideal alternative, especially where tooth loss would make dentures and bridges unfeasible. The most common dental implant material is titanium. The titanium root can fuse with the jawbone and the prosthetic. It ensures stable support for artificial teeth in a process referred to as osseointegration.

The fusion of the implant with the jawbone keeps the implant from slipping. It also prevents damage to the bone, which is more likely with dentures or bridges. The appliance is preferred over other dental alternatives because it is easier to talk and chew food.

What to Expect From an Implant Procedure

Like most dental procedures, implant placement starts with a comprehensive exam. Our dentists will take an x-ray and 3D images to tailor the treatment plan to your needs. An evaluation of your medical history will determine if the procedure is safe for you. If you take over-the-counter medication, you will be requested to provide more information on the drugs. Patients who have previously had similar procedures may require antibiotics to facilitate healing.

The treatment usually depends on the missing teeth's location and the jawbone's condition. Another factor is the number of teeth you need to replace. Our dental team will offer treatment options based on the initial evaluation.

Sometimes, the procedure starts with a tooth extraction. That is because many patients will have a portion of the missing tooth still lodged in the jawbone. Local anesthesia may be administered, but you also have the option of sedation and general anesthesia.

Who is a Candidate?

One of the dental implant FAQs we hear from patients is whether they are a candidate. The jawbone's condition is a crucial factor in determining the viability of undergoing surgery. Failing to replace lost teeth soon causes bone resorption over time. Bone quality and volume ensure the prosthetic has adequate support for the artificial tooth. If the jawbone's volume is insufficient, you may require bone grafting before the surgery.

How Long Does the Healing Process Take?

The recovery period after receiving dental implants will vary depending on the patient’s oral health condition. Procedures such as bone grafting can increase the time it takes to recover. Typically, it takes three to six months to recover, but some patients can take up to nine months or so.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Some patients may experience swelling of the face or pain at the placement site. Our dental team may prescribe medication for pain relief to ease any discomfort. A change of diet is necessary to prevent complications. Dental hygiene is critical during the recovery period. Adhere to your routine dental schedule to ensure complications are addressed on time. Avoid smoking to minimize risks during your recovery.

Colin M. McKinney, DMD will develop a tailored dental plan after a thorough diagnosis of your oral health. Contact our dentist at (772) 266-2223 to schedule an appointment today.
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Dental Implant Placement • Stuart, FL • Colin M. McKinney, DMD
When you visit Colin M. McKinney, DMD, we will first evaluate your oral health and jawbone before recommending dental implant placement. Learn more here.
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