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Are Dental Implants Affordable?
Stuart, FL

Image of a patient holding a dental implant model, at Colin M. McKinney, DMD in Stuart, FL. Dental implants have changed the world of dentistry, providing patients with a long-lasting solution for missing or damaged teeth. Anyone with missing teeth is all too familiar with the role it has on their quality of life and self-confidence. Dental implants are the best possible solution for most patients because they look great and transform your life for the better.

You can speak, smile, and eat with renewed confidence. Over the years, the procedure has been perfected and improved upon by experienced dentists at Colin M. McKinney, DMD, allowing patients to receive custom-designed implants that perfectly fit their requirements.

And the best part is that dental implants have never been more affordable than they are today. The cost of a single dental implant costs anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000, while full mouth dental implants will cost as much as $45,000 or even more.

A glance at these figures may throw readers off until they recognize some of the benefits of the procedure, as well as what goes into dental implants. For one, dental implants can last a lifetime with good care. Moreover, dental implants look and feel like real teeth, restoring your lost smile.

Dental Implant Materials

To understand what goes into dental implants, let's take a look at the material that they are made of. The two most popular materials used for dental implants are zirconia and titanium. These materials are easy to work with and are highly biocompatible, meaning that the body is less likely to reject them with an immune response.

What Makes Titanium So Ideal for Dental Implants?

Titanium is the most commonly used material in dental implants. Studies have shown that titanium allows the bone to properly fuse with the implant without causing any disturbances. Note that some implants may include an alloy featuring trace amounts of aluminum, vanadium, and even zirconium.

Other materials that make titanium useful for dental implants is its sheer durability and non-toxicity, allowing it to last for more than 40 years.

Zirconium is a Great Alternative to Titanium

Zirconium has shown tremendous promise as a material for dental implants. However, it is more brittle than titanium, with lower flexural strength. Although it is relatively strong, zirconium is more likely to fracture and break under chewing forces. Moreover, the success rate of titanium implants is higher than that of zirconium at about 95% or more.

With that said, zirconium has been shown to inhibit bacterial inhibition more effectively compared to titanium, making it suitable for use in abutments. Despite these disadvantages, zirconium implants may be more expensive than titanium.

Which one is better for your health and smile depends on you. A quick consultation with our experts Dr. Colin M. McKinney and Dr. McKinney should help you identify the most suitable option for you.

Dental Implant Procedure

The procedure starts with an initial consultation at Colin M. McKinney, DMD where our dentists will evaluate your mouth. Complete 3D scans of your mouth will be taken to accurately measure your anatomical structure. This includes the size, shape, and thickness of the teeth, as well as bone density and the location of the nerves. This information is then used to create dental implants specifically for you.

Our dentist will first determine if your mouth has enough bone density to support the dental implant. You may be referred for a bone grafting surgery in case there isn't enough bone density.

During the actual procedure, the surgical site will be prepared for the dental implant. This often requires tooth extraction, which may be a separate expense.

An oral surgeon will make an incision into the gum to reveal the jawbone. The jawbone is then drilled to make room for the dental implant post.

Once this process is complete, the jawbone healing process will begin. You will still have a gap where your tooth is missing. A temporary denture may be placed for cosmetic reasons if required. You can remove this denture to maintain oral hygiene.

Note that the healing process can take up to six months or more to provide your artificial tooth with a solid base for chewing.

Once the healing process is complete, our dentist will place the abutment to serve as an interface between the crown and the implant. This process is completed under local anesthesia. It may take about two weeks for the surgical site to heal.

At this point, you should be ready to receive your new artificial tooth. A realistic looking crown will be placed on your implant once your jawbone is strong enough.

You will be required to strictly adhere to the post-op instructions and make regular appointments with your dentist. You may be put on a diet of soft foods to let the surgical site area heal.

Benefits of Dental Implants

The benefits of dental implants far outweigh their expense. For one, your oral functions will have been completely restored. This means you can eat and drink whatever you like. Try not to chew extremely hard substances such as ice and hardy candy that could break your crowns or affect your natural teeth. You should also avoid or minimize the consumption of caffeine and tobacco products that could stain your teeth.

Since your jawbone density has been restored, your appearance will also improve dramatically. Studies have shown that confidence and appearance go hand in hand.

In short, you should experience several benefits of dental implants, such as:

•  Improved chewing ability
•  Restored cosmetic appearance since the skin surrounding the jawbone doesn't sag anymore
•  Keeps the nearby teeth in stable condition
•  Dramatically improves your quality of life

Although the benefits of a dental implant procedure are numerous, there is a small risk of dental implant failure. This usually happens due to infection (usually in patients with uncontrolled diabetes). The infection will weaken the bone and gums supporting the implant post. Delayed healing, usually due to smoking, can also result in implant failure.

For these reasons, it is important to consult with an experienced dentist to determine if you are a candidate for the procedure. You will also be asked to avoid smoking and consuming tobacco-containing products, as these slow the healing process. Call (772) 266-2223 to set up an appointment with our friendly staff who will prioritize your health goals above everything else.
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