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Teeth In A Day
Stuart, FL

Elderly woman holding her face and smiling in joyLosing some or all of your teeth can make even everyday tasks challenging and can cause a real blow to your self-confidence. Luckily, Colin M. McKinney, DMD offers teeth in a day, a powerful option for healing and restoring your teeth all in the same day.

What Are Teeth in a Day?

To start with, dentures are devices meant to replace some or even all of a patient’s missing teeth. Typically, dentures can take a couple weeks or more from the first appointment where impressions are taken of the mouth to the appointment where they are set in place. This process can take even longer if extractions have to be performed, which is often the case for patients getting dentures. You can wait as long as nine weeks after an extraction before a conventional denture can be made. Not having teeth for that long is not just an inconvenience, it can be debilitating. Teeth in a Day (or same day dentures), offer patients the option to have teeth immediately, which is why they are sometimes also known as immediate dentures.

Are Teeth in a Day Right for You?

Teeth in a Day are a fantastic option for anyone who just got teeth extracted and needs new ones. It is hard to tell they are not natural and they actually help with swelling and healing post-extraction.

What You Can Expect When Getting Teeth in a Day

Teeth in a Day do happen all on the same day, but it usually still takes a couple of appointments. At the first appointment one of our dental professionals will give you a thorough exam and work with you to determine a treatment plan. If everything looks good, then we will make a mold of your mouth. Once the mold has been used to create a set of dentures, we will bring you back in for your second appointment, extract your teeth, and then immediately place your new dentures into your mouth, all in the same day!

What Is the Recovery Period Like?

Every patient will receive postoperative care instructions tailored to their specific needs, but there are still a few general tips that you can keep in mind to make sure your Teeth in a Day heal properly. Once we have given you the go ahead, you will need to be vigilant about cleaning your dentures every night. This not only gives your dentures a chance to soak in a cleaning solution, but also helps prevent your gums from developing a fungal infection. You will likely need to make periodic return visits to our office so we can perform adjustments and relines as your dentures shift and your bone reshapes.

You Could Already Have a Brand New Set of Teeth!

Getting dentures can be so easy you can get them in just one day. If you are interested in how Teeth in a Day can transform your smile, then give Colin M. McKinney, DMD a call at (772) 266-2223 today!

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