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Dental Implants
Stuart, FL

Rendering of a jaw with a dental implant at Colin M. McKinney, DMD in Stuart, FLMissing teeth can lead to serious complications later down the road, such as a misaligned bite, crooked teeth, and bone deterioration. Luckily, patients have more tooth replacement options than ever before. At Colin M. McKinney, DMD we specialize in several full-tooth restorations, including dental implants. Dental implants have revolutionized the way we treat tooth loss. Thanks to their many benefits, it's no wonder that implants have become the industry standard for tooth replacement. An implant-supported restoration is the next best thing to your natural teeth!
Dental Implant FAQs

What Is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a small titanium post that we surgically embed below the gum tissue and into the jawbone. The implant post serves as the root component of a prosthesis. After a brief healing period the post is attached to an abutment, or support structure, that links the implant to the restoration. Thanks to technological advancements implants can be used to support a single crown, a fixed bridge, or even a full-arch restoration!

History of Dental Implants

The goal of developing the dental implant was to offer an effective, long-lasting replacement for one or more lost teeth. Early civilizations had the wisdom to understand the long-term advantages of replacing lost teeth thousands of years ago. The Mayan civilization made one of the earliest attempts at this restoration around 600 AD. Visit to get more details about dental implants.

Dental Implant Placement

A dental implant placement involves surgically placing metal with screw-like artificial roots to replace missing teeth. A thorough diagnosis is necessary to ensure the successful placement of the artificial tooth. When you visit Colin M. McKinney, DMD, we will first evaluate your oral health and the jawbone before recommending dental implants.

Single Tooth Replacement

The best solution for replacing a missing tooth is a dental implant. A dental implant is either a ceramic or metal screw that is fused to the jawbone. An artificial tooth is then attached to the screw to give the illusion of a natural tooth.

Multiple Teeth Replacement

Missing several teeth can be devastating. In the short term, missing teeth can hinder clear speech, and limit your diet. You may feel too embarrassed to smile and experience a lack of confidence, hindering your interactions with others. The long-term effects are even worse, putting you at greater risk for bone degeneration, facial collapse, the spread of infection to hard and soft tissue, and loss of even more teeth. Implant restorations, also known as dental implants, are the gold standard solution for replacing missing teeth.

Multiple Tooth Implant

Having multiple dental implants placed in your jawbone simultaneously is an effective procedure to replace several missing teeth.
The multiple-tooth implant procedure makes it possible to support dental bridges and partial dentures. The advantage of this procedure over fixed bridges or dentures is that it doesn't affect the health of surrounding teeth, preserves jawbone density, and prevents it from deteriorating.

Teeth in a Day

If dental implants have been recommended for you, but you would rather avoid an extended treatment time, Teeth In A Day are possible with the All-on-4® Treatment Concept. The unique system of the All-on-4® Treatment Concept provides structure and stabilization with the placement of the dental implants, making it possible for you to go home that same day with a new set of teeth.

The Dental Implant Process

The dental implant process begins with a consultation appointment. During your consultation, Dr. Colin M. McKinney will perform a series of diagnostic tests to ensure you are a suitable candidate for dental implant treatment. Most patients healthy enough to undergo minor surgery will qualify. Implants do require a significant amount of bone in the jaw. If your bone is too soft or too thin, we may recommend a bone graft.

Once we determine you are a suitable candidate for dental implants, we will develop an appropriate treatment plan. Most implant procedures are broken up into two surgeries. During the first surgery, we will make a minor incision in the gum tissue to expose the underlying bone. Next, we will place the implant deep within the jawbone.

Over the next several months, the implant and your jawbone will fuse through the process of osseointegration. Osseointegration is largely responsible for the many benefits of dental implants, mimicking the natural relationship between tooth root and socket.

Once osseointegration is complete, we will schedule the second surgery to place the abutment. After the abutment is in place, we take an impression of the area. The impression will be used by our laboratory technicians to fabricate your final restoration. Once your restoration is ready, we will permanently attach it to the implant post.

How Long Is the Recovery Process for Dental Implants

Patients who require a bone graft will have to wait anywhere from two weeks to three months for a bone graft to heal. This is why there is a large interindividual variability in recovery rates due to a number of factors, including the patient’s age, health, jawbone density, and even the expertise of the oral surgeon.

Our dentists, Dr. Colin M. McKinney and Dr. McKinney at Colin M. McKinney, DMD, go above and beyond to ensure that your dental implant procedure is as smooth as possible with minimal recovery times. However, it is crucial to follow your dentist’s post-op instructions because they can significantly improve your healing time.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last

Dental implants are permanent solutions to missing teeth and can restore both a person’s oral function and aesthetics. The procedure has become popular because it lasts a long time without requiring frequent replacements, unlike bridges and dentures. On average, dental implants can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. However, it is possible for the implants to last longer than 30 years.

The exact lifetime of the implants depends on how good you are with post-op instructions, especially in the first few weeks after the dental implant procedure. Another factor is your choice of oral surgeon. As long as you go to experienced dentists, such as Dr. Colin M. McKinney and Dr. McKinney, you can get the most out of your dental implant procedure.

Benefits of Dental Implants

•  Unmatched aesthetics. Our restorations are made from aesthetically-pleasing materials, such as porcelain or zirconia. These materials mimic the appearance of natural enamel.
•  Unmatched comfort. Because your implant becomes a part of you, you will not experience any of the discomforts typically associated with removable restorations.
•  Unmatched convenience. Implants are permanently fixed to the jawbone and do not require any special attention. Your restoration will look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth. You may even forget you have a restoration.
•  Unmatched durability. Under the proper care and maintenance, a dental implant will last for many decades. In some cases, it may even last a lifetime! You will be able to eat your favorite foods with confidence and comfort!
•  Better oral health. The implant post provides physical stimulation to the jawbone, preventing future deterioration. Your restoration will also leave your remaining teeth unaffected. Other restorations can put healthy teeth at a greater risk for damage or decay.

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